About Us /关于我们

It is a modern and international company founded in November 2012. The Eastern-Allfriends positively responds to the developmental strategy of "the Belt and Road" and it focuses on the discovery and integration of the countries' products with high potential quality and the good way of life which meet its criteria.The Eastern-Allfriends embodies the professional qualities of "the way of international specialty, the array of branding strategy". Now it has developed into a highly characteristic and competitiveness of collectivize company brand.

The Eastern-Allfriends takes the overseas agriculture & farming and financial investments as the ultimate strategic goal, the other two overseas business sectors  (international tradde, business tour) as the two wings. It steadily pushes foward the development of business model with the development strategy of "One main body and two wings" and it towards the magnificent goals of Chinese most valuable enterprise with modernlization and internationalization.


development path /发展历程


The Import and Export Goods Bonded Direct Marketing Center in Luzhou was established in May
The Eastern-Allfriends Supply Chain in Luzhou was established in June
The EAF Direct Import Center(Shuangliu) was established in September
The Eastern-Allfriends Direct Import Co.,LTD was in preparation in September
The Eastern-Allfriends Direct Import(Huanglongxi flagship store)was in preparation in October


The Eastern-Allfriends Beijing the First Brand was established in April
The Eastern-Allfriends Moldova Agricultural Company(now renamed China Investment) was established in June
The Chengdu Eastern-Allfriends Supply Chain was established in June
The Eastern-Allfriends Huairou Wine Cellar was eatablished in July
The Moldova National Pavilion(Chengdu Eastern-Allfriends International Trade)was established in August


The Moldova Eastern-Allfriends was established in November


Beijing Eastern-Allfriends International Trade was established in November