EAF Direct Import /EAF国际直采

EAF Direct Import Center was the new important brand founded by the Eastern-Allfriends in 2015.

EAF Direct Import Center was founded in line with the brand mission of the life treasure. It took the initiative to cater to the national strategy of "the Belt and Road". It integrated all kinds of high-quality goods of countries along "the Belt and Road" which met its(EAF) standards in a new way. The commodity circulation would be reduced. And the most affordable authentic goods would be brought to China in the safest and most efficient way. The guarantee of  the goods' quality would change the Chinese consumption habits, improve the quality of Chinese life.

On May 5th, with the advantages in the development of "Yangtze River Economic Belt", the Eastern-Allfriends took the lead in establishing "EAF Direct Import Center (Luzhou)" in Luzhou and had been the only authorized managing operator of the direct sales center.

The establishment of the EAF Dierct Center (Luzhou) not only enriched the Chinese material life, but also deepended the economic and trade exchanges of countries along "the Belt and Road".