EAF Global Resources Converting Center /EAF全球资源化中心

              EAF new brand“EAF Global Resources Converting Center”was launched in April 2017. On EAF GRC platform,through the business model, operation management, human resources, investment consulting, trade services, merger and acquisitions services and financial planning and other professional services, domestic enterprises can make full use of the advantages of Chinese pilot free trade zones, to carry out various FTA investment and cooperation projects, realizing “Free Tree”.

      EAF GRC has been introducing strategically Health Wellness project, Medicine R&D Center project,Agricultural Demonstration Park project and Agriculture&Farming projects, which are all based on Chinese Pilot Trade Zone.

    After Launching EAF GRC brand, EAF has been successfully operating the “EAF National Pavilion “and”EAF direct import" in Chinese Pilot Free Trade Zone,which

will also fully realize “Free Trade”