Relying on the developmental strategy of "the Belt and Road", the Eastern-Allfriends emphasises on finding and integrating the high potential value of products and high quality life which are up to its standard. It completes upstream procurement through the EAF direct import system and the four overseas direct import center (Chisinau, Rhodes, Istanbul, Kuala Lumpur). It brings Chinese the high quality products and the experience of lifestyle throughthe national pavilion, the terminal of the EAF direct import center and EAF e-commerce platform. At the same time, the Eastern-Allfriends will also bring more Chinese products, culture and way of life to all over the world along "the Belt and Road". The trade sector of the Eastern-Allfriends will become the comprehensive platform for Chinese and foreign culture, trade and economic. It is the business base in the plate to the Eastern-Allfriends.