EAF's EAFIT laboratory officially established aims to upgrade EAF GRC Center one-stop testing services


      Beijing(EAF)- on July 10 morning, with one year’s preparation,Beijing Eastern Allfriends Information Technology Limited (Referred to EAFIT) officially listed in ChaoYang district, Beijing. Chinese food and livestock import and export Chamber of Commerce representatives, Ms LiYan, chairman of EAF, Mr. LinGang , executive director of EAF and some company managements of EAF’s series of companies attended the opening ceremony.

       This day(July 10) became the EAF day and it  also was another milestone in the development process of EAF. EAFIT aims to set up an organization which offers the leading-edge inspection, identification and testing around the world, to provide the all-round testing services , to meet all relevant regulatory requirements for domestic and international standards. One-stop detection solution will be provided for the EAF GRC Center enterprises in Pilot Free Trade Zone.

    EAFIT subordinates several branch offices and laboratories, including various areas like Chemical, biological, physical, mechanical, electromagnetic and it will set up overseas offices in Moldova, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and other countries which on the way of “belt and silk”. Based on the global service network and deep service capabilities, EAFIT and its branches can provide customers with series like testing, inspection, certification, audit, training, identification, consultation in each areas which aims to become the leader of industries with sustainable development and innovation capacity.

On the one hand, the establishment of EAFIT will put the advantages of Laboratory testing technology into good use, and on the other hand, it will promote the capability of EAF GRC Center service for enterprises. Not only does it protect its quality of EAF international direct control, but also it will provide technical support for government departments. EAFIT will obey the laws, regulations, rules, national standards or industry standards, and will follow the principle of objectivity, honesty and trustworthiness. It will do  testing activities by laws separated.

    Since the establishment of EAF, the company has always regarded the EAF standard as a criterion,And try to discover, converge and transmit the global high potential value and the high quality of life. It plans to update the domestic consumption level and develop enterprises at the same time.

     Now, EAF will continue to work on the way to discover, converge and transmit and to do further international communication and cooperation. In order to help more enterprises hold the opportunities and strategies of being in FTZ and ‘One Belt and Road’, EAF establish a platform named ‘EAF GRC Center’, providing specific services like business model, operations management, human resources, investment consulting, foreign trade services, mergers and acquisitions services and financial planning to make the FTZ into full use, to carry out various types of investment and cooperation projects in the FTZ. Meanwhile, EAF will introduce overseas products and resources to China and help domestic enterprises go out to achieve ‘FTZ-ation’.